Vision & Mission Statement

The mission of TechMan International is to meet the medical industry needs for effective light management and diagnostic solutions.  This is accomplished primarily by leveraging its solid relationships in the healthcare industry and carving out a niche as the multi-product supplier to that industry. 

The company’s vision is based on the performance of a highly profitable market segment in which TechMan has been a player for several years. Its Research & Development in various applied fiberoptic products and systems has received favorable market acceptance.

ELM (effective light management) is a cornerstone of TechMan’s existing business structure, and this is considered crucial to its product differentiation and market leadership strategies. From specialty fibers to new fiber cable assemblies and medical devices, TechMan has built a portfolio of products that is responsive to changing security-conscious market preferences. It is committed to the concept of value added selling to a diverse customer base drawn from leading distributors, OEMs, healthcare practioners, and end users.

As the shift from copper to fiber is completed from long-haul to metro and access markets, and “excess bandwidth” is finally available to the end users, TechMan is poised for a market leadership position in the “applied fiberoptic”’ segments where its minimum invasive endoscopy products are positioned. The key determinant of success in this segment is high quality, timely delivery and excellent customer service.  TechMan is committed to capitalize on its thirty-years experience in proprietary product development, advanced medical research, and market presence.