Registered supplier of PIA – Pakistan International Airlines serving as an agent of Aviquipo, exporters of the Hobart Power System Division (manufacturers of Electric Aircraft ground power equipment) and S&S Corporation of Ingersoll-Rand Company (manufacturers of Aircraft Tow Tractors).


Exclusive sales, service, and technical support agreement for Pakistan signed with Univox California, Inc. - a California based manufacturer of water purification systems for the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit.

Letter of Understanding signed with Royal Schelde Shipbuilding Division of Netherlands on August 29th, 1986 to cooperate with respect to the sale of industrial products and services (including without limitation naval vessels and related products) manufactured, provided or sold by Royal Schelde.

Consulting Agreement with Royal Schelde of Netherlands signed on October 20, 1986 to promote the manufacturer of naval vessels and systems products in Pakistan.


Served as an agent of Amherst Systems, Inc. (involved with Electronic Warfare and the production of Simulator Products) and Sonar Radio Corporation (manufacturers of two-way radios, pagers, and video eraser equipment) working closely with the Pakistani Ministry of Defense – Defense Production Division.


Agreement with GTE Government Systems Corporation Mobile Subscriber Equipment Division on December 23rd, 1988 (MSED-88-138) to provide consulting services assessing the potential market for mobile subscriber equipment systems in Pakistan.  Agreement covered exploratory meeting with Pakistan MoD officials, Signal Corps Command, Directorates of Combat Development, and other user directorates of Pakistan Army GHQ as well as meetings in Washington D.C. with DoD Pakistan desk officer, GTE Washington liaison officials, and ADP, Pakistan.


Representative Agreement with Ocean Data Equipment Corporation signed on March 30, 1989 for bathy equipment purchased by the Government of Pakistan for a new research vessel constructed in Australia.

Agreement with GTE Government Systems Corporation Tactical Systems Division signed on May 11, 1989 to extend MSED-88-138 to support Mobile Subscriber Equipment Division (MSED) in preparing material for submission to OMC for export license approval and strategize and implement the receiving of then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Washington D.C.

Consulting Agreement with Raytheon signed on July 1, 1989 to perform advisory services in its relations with all Pakistani Government agencies in the promotion of I-HAWK Missile Sales; develop marketing plans and objectives to have Pakistan prioritize I-HAWK and institute agreements between the United States and Pakistani governments for the sale of arms; and arrange meetings for Raytheon’s personnel and report on the status of the business climate in Pakistan as it related to Raytheon’s interests.


International Consultant Agreement with GTE Government Systems Corporation on January 1, 1990 (No. 16-XE036); extended on April 26, 1992 to assist in the development of GTE/GSC strategy for the marketing of an Integrated Network Solution to Pakistan Military Command and Control requirements and to develop Foreign Military Sale (FMS) allocated planned expenditures of the Pakistan Army for communication equipment during the 1990 to 1993 period.

Sales Agency Agreement with Fiber Materials, Inc. signed on June 25, 1990 to promote aerospace materials and fiber products and systems in Pakistan including FlexFarm material which are used by the US Navy on frigates and other missile launching ships for protection of the substructure material from heat / blast of missile firings.

Representation Agreement with Satellite Transmission Systems, Inc. on July 2, 1990 to act as its exclusive sales representative for the sale of satellites and other communications equipment and related electronic engineering services and spare Parts; as well as civil, mechanical and electrical works forming part of an overall electronic system and related non-electric engineering services to the Government of Pakistan.

Consultancy Agreement with NFT-Ericsson Communications ANS of Norway signed on August 8, 1990 to provide marketing and technical advice in terms of FMS program sales overseas as well as project management consulting support for U.S. based system sales to third countries, government regulatory compliance for FMS financed programs origin with U.S. prime contractors such as Raytheon, and system integration assistance for new military programs in the South Asian region including but not limited to Pakistan.

Consultant and Services Agreement with Kollmorgen Corporation (Electro-Optical Division) signed on September 28, 1990 to sell optical directors and fire control systems for surface vessels, submarine periscopes, electronic surveillance / detection systems, sighting devices and fire control systems in Pakistan and other GCC countries.

Sales Agency Agreement signed on October 26, 1990 with GTE – Government System Overseas Corporation C3 Systems Sector for the advancement of the Pakistani Ministry of Communication’s “Pakistan Strategic Network” (PSN) utilizing GTE’s Advanced Digital Switch (ADS); later signed Special Project Sales Agency Agreement when project was changed to Ministry of Planning and Development, National Logistics Cell (NLC) Network.  Initial agreement also covered GTE’s Mobile Subscriber Equipment to the Pakistani Army – GHQ General Staff Branch Signals Directorate.


Agreement with C.& H. Heuvelman Shipping & Trading bv of Holland signed on August 8, 1991 to become the agent in the sale of docks AFD 58 and AFD 59 in Pakistan.

Professional Services Contract with Bath Iron Works Corporation signed on August 19, 1991 to establish contacts, negotiate pricing, and secure offers from the prospective buyers in the Pakistani government.

Provisional services agreement with Telecom Australia International signed on August 22, 1991 for their (TAI / Olex Joint Venture) claim against Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation.

Representative’s Agreement for International System Sales signed on October 1, 1991 with Raytheon to engage in the marketing and sale of all items relating to the Digital Troposcatter System’s components including spares of the system consisting of base-baud, modulation, demodulation, transmitter, receiver and antenna systems with their respective installation and service to the Government of Pakistan and the Government of the United States when purchasing specifically for resale or redelivery to the Government of Pakistan. 

Agreement with Murray Tube Works signed on November 25, 1991 for boiler repair work sold to the Government of Pakistan on the naval vessels Talbot and Brooke.


Agreement with No. 9 Business Division of China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation signed on August 8, 1993 to be their sales agent for the export of products to Pakistan, the Middle East and the United States and to be their import agent for products from the United States and Europe.

Memorandum of Understanding signed on August 16, 1993 to be an agent of China Great Wall Industry Corporation (a foreign trade company affiliated to China Aerospace Corporation - the former Ministry of Aerospace Industry of China) to provide Pakistan two communications satellites, one delivered in orbit and the other on ground as a back-up, as well as a ground communication network support.


Agreement with SeaBeam Instruments, Inc. signed on January 20, 1994 as a non-exclusive representative for the promotion, solicitation and negotiation of sales of SEA BEAM 2100, SEA BEAM 1000, Diver Locator Sonar, Underwater Communication Equipment, Pipeline Monitoring System, and Hull Phone Communication Device in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on January 25, 1994 with PanAmSat, L.P. to disclose certain confidential or proprietary business and technical information relating to the provision of international satellite based services.

Standard Representative Agreement with Royal Schelde of Netherlands signed on June 21, 1994 to obtain a contract from the Pakistani Navy for after-sales services on HM1MS “Poolster” and other supply ships sold by the Royal Netherlands Navy to the Pakistani Navy.

Partnership Agreement with Al Mazroui Trading & General Services signed on July 7, 1994 to jointly develop, operate and implement in the United Arab Emirates a new private university and an affiliated teaching hospital along with all the associated equipment, systems, technology and manpower resources.

Sales Agent Agreement with Senior Engineering Co. Boiler Tube Division signed on July 26, 1994 as the exclusive representative for 1052 Knox class frigate ships to international customers.

Agreement with Security Engineered Machinery signed on August 1, 1994 to be their respective dealer in Pakistan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Kazakhstan.

Sales Agency Agreement with GTE Government Systems Corporation signed on August 1, 1994 to sell GTE’s Advanced Digital Switch (ADS) and the engineering, furnishing, installation, operation, revenue collections and maintenance of telephone, cellular, personal communication and commercial data and network management systems to the Government of Kazakhstan.


Memorandum of Understanding signed on April 6, 1995 with the Government of Pakistan to explore the possibility of investing in Pakistan for establishing an Inmar Station and support services in association with Telecom Foundation and Pakistan National Shipping Corporation.

Memorandum of Understanding signed on April 6, 1995 with the Government of Pakistan to invest in Pakistan for establishing an optical fibre manufacturing plan with single mode and multi mode telecommunication fibre draw facility in joint venture with Telecom Foundation.

Joint Venture Agreement signed on May 21, 1995 with Telecom Foundation to form the company Fiber Optic Industries Pvt.  Ltd. for the set-up, operation, and maintenance of an industrial unit for the manufacture and marketing of optical fiber cables and related systems.

Representative Agreement for International System Sales signed on August 25, 1995 with Raytheon for Submarine Signal Products in Pakistan including Naval Combat Systems and Surface Ship Sonar Systems (Standard Sonar Transmitters, Commercial and Military Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, Magnetic Systems, Mine-hunting Sonars, Submarine Sonars, and Electronic Modules) to the Government of Pakistan and the Government of the United States when purchasing for resale or redelivery to the Government of Pakistan. 

Representative Agreement for International System Sales signed on August 25, 1995 with Raytheon for the sale of Air Traffic Control Systems to Pakistan including Radar Data Processing and Display Systems, small airport radar/display systems and aircraft surface detection equipment (ASDE) to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authorities.

Distributor Agreement signed on November 1, 1995 with FiberCore, Inc. to supply Optical Fiber and Preform worldwide to Telecom, CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN companies, OEM's, commercial accounts, state and governmental agencies.

Memorandum of Understanding signed on December 10, 1995 with Oman & Emirates Investment Holding Company SOAG to explore the possibility of jointly establishing a production facility for Fiber Optics in the Sultanate of Oman.


Sales Representative Agreement with Electronic Space Systems Corporation signed on July 19, 1996 for exclusive representation of all types of radomes (radar dome) for ground-based and shipboard use, as well as ESSCO special product radomes and composite structures in Pakistan.

Consultancy Agreement with Nokia-Maillefer (Finnish Manufacturer of fiber optic machinery) signed on August 14, 1996 for project coordination, technology management, plant development; organizing project financing for machinery purchase; vendor coordination and equipment placement; personnel selection and placement; environmental impact/compliance; after sales services and product off-take / export planning.


Radio Station License acquired with a call sign of KB89957 and frequency of 1-151.624 (Radio Service – IG, Station Class – MOI, Number of Units – 8, Power Output -2).

Letter of Intent signed on January 3, 1997 with Wyman Gordon Company and Rolls-Royce PLC to establish an industrial park in South Africa to manufacture and sell for profit low technology aerospace and industrial products in support of a Rolls-Royce sales campaign to supply engines for Boeing B747 and B777 aircraft ordered by South African Airways.

Sales Representation Agreement signed on January 31, 1997 with California Microwave, Inc. - Satellite Transmission Systems Division to be exclusive sales representative of Satellite Earth Stations, Systems, and Networks in Pakistan.

Acquired the surgical microscope and colposcope business lines with patents and other proprietary rights from Applied Fiberoptics Inc. on May 15, 1997.

Exclusive Distributor Agreement with EG&G Optoelectronics signed on November 10, 1997 for the sale of its respective products in the territories of Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.


Constructed a 41,000 square-foot two-story training center and fiber optic manufacturing facility in Charlton, Massachusetts with RH White Companies, Inc. utilizing masonry load bearing walls, pre-cast floor planking, and a clear span trussed roof system.

Consultancy agreement with Comtech Systems, Inc. signed on March 10, 1998 to provide satellite, tropospheric scatter and microwave communication and related electronic engineering services and civil, mechanical and electric works to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.


International Representative Agreement with L-3 Communications Corporation – Satellite Transmission Systems Division (STS) – signed on March 15, 1999 to provide satellite earth stations, systems, networks and other communications equipment and related electronic engineering services and spare parts on an exclusive basis to the customer National Logistics Cell of the Government of Pakistan.

Acquired the surgical illumination business line with patents and other proprietary rights from OPTIM, Inc. on September 16, 1999.


Proprietary Data Exchange Agreement with DRS Laurel Technologies signed on March 23, 2000 for the Fiberoptic Endoscopic Inspection and Data Imaging Communications Program.

Consultancy Agreement with Comtech Systems, Inc. - EF Data signed on June 21, 2000 for the sale of satellite, tropospheric scatter and microwave communication equipment and related electronic engineering services and civil, mechanical and electrical works to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.

International Authorization Granted by the Federal Communications Commission on July 28, 2000 to provide global or limited global facilities-based and resale services through the International Telecommunications Certification: ITC-214-2000707-00400.

United States Patent Number: 6,120,161 for Video Headlight and Cable on September 19, 2000.  A video headlight and fiberoptic optic cable which includes a light and camera assembly mounted on a headband for assuming a plurality of angular positions relative to the headband.

Strategic Alliance Agreement with Chun Shin Electronics, Inc. signed on October 31, 2000 for general cooperation and consultation on authorized sales, local manufacturing and joint marketing efforts to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, China, and Malaysia.


Consultant Agreement with Global Resources, LLC signed on May 31, 2001 for the development of a fiber optic cable manufacturing facility in the Dominican Republic; agreement covered sales, operations, and technology transfer.

Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on October 9, 2001 with Maplin Middle East Company relating to technology patents, business affairs and operations in relation to the study and evaluation of a proposed fiber optic factory in the United Arab Emirates.


Agreement signed on March 6, 2002 for the delivery of 10km underwater fiber optic cables (component of the MIUW-SU LASS Fiber Optic Array) to Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in San Diego, California.

Proprietary Information Exchange Agreement (PIEA) signed on March 21, 2002 with Lockheed Martin Corporation Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems – Marine Systems to perform proposal presentation preparation activities, meeting support and translation services to help in the procurement of the Swath Type Search and Rescue Vessel R/V Kilo Moana Agor 26 to the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency.

Consulting Agreement with Telephonics Corporation signed on April 15, 2002 to sell CSD products including Ground Surveillance Radar System (PPS-5X), AN/APS-143, RDR Products, IFF, and SSR/Radar Extractors/MSSR/AeroTrac to Pakistan.

Distributor Agreement in May 2002 with Optec Technology Limited - a leader in OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and ODMs (original design manufacturers) for fiber termination solutions.

Non-Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement signed on September 12, 2002 with Globecomm Systems Inc. (GSI) to provide Turnkey Earth Stations (INTELSAT, Digital, Video, Upgrades, & Miscellaneous) and Networks (VSAT, SCADA, Telemedicine, DAMA, Point to Point, Miscellaneous) to Pakistan.

Met with Government of Pakistan officials on behalf of MSSC Company to discuss and define the country’s coastal and border surveillance requirements, prepared a written radar placement study providing specific details on the Pakistani radar requirements and how SCOUT and SQUIRE FMCW radar systems for Coastal and Border Surveillance fulfilled those requirements.


Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on January 31, 2003 with Vicon Fiberoptics, Inc. pertaining to proprietary data including technology patents, business affairs, and operations.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on April 23, 2003 with StockerYale, Inc. pertaining to proprietary data including technology patents, business affairs, and operations.

Memorandum of Understanding signed on September 11, 2003 with Kulka Construction Company regarding the construction of a National University of Science & Technology (NUST) site in Islamabad, Pakistan to coordinate all activities related to the completion of the project including but not limited to the raising of finances and interaction with local contractors and University decision makers.


Exclusive Representation Agreement with Globecomm Systems Inc. (GSI) on February 11, 2005 for Pakistani Government Projects specifically The Enhancement / Replacement of Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Phase III Network; agreement covered all GSI products and services in the territory of Pakistan.

Consultancy Agreement signed with Oerlikon Contraves GmbH to sell LLM1 - Laser Light Module and MMR - Meteo Measurement Radar System to Pakistan.