Specialty Fiber Applications

The growth of IT sector worldwide has spurred demand for specialty fiber as well. Using fiber optics, physicians are now able to transmit at high-speed “originals” of medical images, X-Rays including photos and full color images both internally and around the world. This has been brought about because of the lower cost and large bandwidth of fiber optics. Doctors, patients and technicians can be scattered around the world and still work together on the same material.

Telecommunications through fiber optic lines are enabling hospitals and educational institutions to disseminate programs within local school systems, state systems, across the nation and the world, reaching remote locations previously unable to access classes.

The home or office of the future requires a local area network to connect all the electronics, security, energy management systems, automatic meter reading and telecommunications systems together.  At the present, all these tasks function separately and require separate wiring systems, which are difficult to maintain and cause needless disruptions to the home.