Manufacturing Process

TechMan International currently provides a wide range of fiberoptic based medical instruments such as colposcopes, surgical microscopes, endoscopes, light sources and guides, and associated accessories.  Each medical device is developed for a specific application, and is precisely crafted to meet the needs of the application.

TechMan International has been manufacturing and selling surgical microscopes and colposcopes for many years.  Its scopes are known for the quality and reliability.  Using perfected designs and superior manufacturing procedures, the TechMan scopes have gained a reputation for reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness through out the world.  These designs and manufacturing procedures are documented to meet the stringent needs of both ISO 9001 and the GMP requirements of the U.S. Food & Drug Agency (FDA).

The company is designing and developing additional lines of retractors and endoscopes which use specialty fiberoptic cables.  TechMan is also in the process of developing a vastly improved surgical head light and video camera system.