Industry Analysis

Minimum invasive fiberoptic device market is the fastest growing segment within the health care industry.  The availability of reasonably priced “high bandwidth” fiber cable is encouraging hospitals to replace older copper-based systems.  TechMan has carefully positioned itself in the business segment where it can achieve maximum competitive advantage in the short term. This market segment consists of the following:

  • Innovative Surgical Devices that use both communications and illumination fiber;
  • Specialty fiber cables such as simplex/duplex multimode cables used primarily within buildings along with TechMan's proprietary light sources and illumination cables;
  • Higher capacity fiberoptic interfaces providing multi-Gbps access to the public networks and the Internet, supplementing TechMan surgical headlights and VideoCam products
  • Illumination and Sensing Fiber Devices for the Medical industries.

TechMan’s primary competition is from various subsidiaries of Corning, Olympus, Karl Storz, Schott, Siemens, and Fujikura. It also competes with independent producers who have recently been acquired by large multinationals in their diversification plays. TechMan is successful through focusing on its patented product line, high quality, service, and aggressive pricing.