Illumination Fiber Applications


Fiber optics has been used for years in instruments used by doctors to look into inaccessible areas of the body.  In this case, fiber optics is used to transmit light and images.  In these applications, bundles of fiber optics are used. 

Automotive industry is showing a large potential growth in the use of plastic optical fibers for illumination within an auto, bus or truck.  For years, the automotive industry used plastic optical fibers for the illumination of dashboards in the top-of-the-line cars. Plans are underway to use plastic optical fibers for headlights and turn signals by using a single high-intensity source of light, which is transmitted to different parts of the car by fibers.

Optical fibers can be used to transmit light for illumination of a wide range of applications, such as swimming pools, broadcasting studios, museums and galleries, buildings and many other areas requiring light that needs to be distributed from a single source. Plastic and glass optical fibers are also used to transmit light for signs. Bundles of fibers or large solid core fibers can be used to replace neon signs.

Both plastic and glass optical fibers can be used for signs in a wide range of applications. Replacing static signs, optical fibers enable the use of changing colors, animations and images. 

Retailers find that these characteristics make it possible to get the attention of potential customers.  Bundles of fibers and large core optical fiber can also be used to replace neon signs thus improving safety, reliability and reducing energy costs.