Fiberoptic Applications


The medical field uses fiber optics in a number of ways, including data and telecommunications, illumination, and sensing.  Medicine is an information intensive business, requiring the collection, analysis, and transmission of large amounts of data for patients’ records, doctors’ reports, MRI and CAT scans and the like.  This requires computers and terminals as well as buildings and campuses linked by fiber optics.  Another major benefit of fiber optics for medical applications is its non-electrical characteristics, which make it immune to electromagnetic radiation and it is not hazardous when used to measure patients’ responses.  In addition, telemedicine is becoming a growth industry where rural, remote clinics or homes can get access to expert medical opinions over fiber optic networks. TechMan received a patent for its telemedicine product line in 2000 and with over five hundred fifty hospitals and clinics as existing customers, TechMan is uniquely qualified to increase its market share in this field.

“Intelligent” Hospitals

The concept of an “intelligent” hospital has been developed and has been implemented at some teaching hospitals. The intelligent building includes the functions already noted and also provides the necessary wiring for advanced communications systems used by clients. Many universities and research complexes are rewiring their campuses with fiber optics.