Executive Summary

Founded in 1982, TechMan International manufactures and sells minimum invasive products to health care and medical industries. With several hundred customers worldwide, the company is profitable in manufacturing and selling products to hospitals, HMOs, and Government purchasing agencies.

The company constructed a 42,000 square feet specialized manufacturing plant in Charlton, Massachusetts that was dedicated to FDA compliant medical manufacturing. It uses proprietary production processes to manufacture various types of medical devices and fiberoptic cables. Within an expanding industry, TechMan specializes in the highly profitable applied fiber market dominated by end users such as large hospitals, medical clinics, and other specialty segments.

The company is poised to take advantage of the industry dynamics whereby the consolidation in the medical fiber industry has resulted in dwindling number of competitors. Even though the technology is available in China, India, and other low-wage countries, they are unable to service the medical community that requires immediate shipment of FDA compliant products.

TechMan is focused only on applied fiberoptic systems for its existing customer base such as major hospitals, large medical buildings, and Government organizations where fiber based medical instruments are in great demand. Over five hundred fifty hospitals buy their illumination fiber from TechMan facilitating an effective cross-sell of other products.