TEchman international

TechMan International is a technology management and systems development company founded in 1982.  Specializing in healthcare, telecommunications, and defense industries providing high-technology products with application in both civilian and military sectors, our organization is truly multinational in character.

The keystone of our consulting services is its customized approach for individual clients.  As a technology management company that has won several patents and designed many innovative products for the intelligence and surveillance industry, we enjoy the confidence of corporate management throughout the world.



Our BriteTrac retractors have non-corrosive highly polished surgical stainless steel blades, single piece molded rubber silicone handles with non-slip comfort grip, and industry standard ACMI cable connection with female swivel adapter.



Our patented device is a video headlight and fiberoptic cable which includes a light and camera assembly adjustably mounted on a headband for assuming a plurality of angular positions relative to the headband.



This highlights our activity from 1985 to 2005 in the healthcare, telecommunications, and defense industries in terms of management consulting, technology transfer, and joint-venture partnerships.